Proposed Special Recreation Management Areas (SRMA), Alt. 2

Oct 22, 2014
DRECP Reviewed by Conservation Biology Institute
Proposed Special Recreation Management Areas (SRMAs) for the DRECP, Alternative 2.

This dataset identifies areas on BLM managed lands in the DRECP planning area that are proposed for designation as Special Recreation Management Areas (SRMAs) in the DRAFT DRECP Alternatives.

This designation is placed on BLM-administered lands that are managed specifically to be high-priority areas for outdoor recreation as defined in the BLM Land Use Planning Handbook H-1601-1 (2005). It is a public lands unit identified in land use plans to direct recreation funding and personnel to fulfill commitments made to provide specific structured recreation opportunities (i.e., activity, experience, and benefit opportunities). Both land use plan decisions and subsequent implementing actions for recreation in each SRMA are geared to a strategically identified primary market— destination, community, or undeveloped areas. 

This dataset was derived from the original DRECP integrative alternatives provided by Dudek. The geometry was simplified slightly in order to improve online performance. The integrated alternative shapefiles represent the proposed Plan-wide action alternatives, as described in Volume II of the Public Draft DRECP (2014). The original DRECP integrated alternative shapefiles can be downloaded directly from the DRECP website at the following URL:
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Data provided by Dudek.

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California Energy Commission, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Dudek, DRAFT Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) and EIR/EIS.
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Mike Howard, Senior Biologist 
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