What is the DRECP Gateway?

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Welcome to the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) Gateway.  The Gateway is based on a spatial data management platform called Data Basin.  Data Basin is an award-winning, innovative, science-based mapping and analysis platform designed to support participatory conservation planning.  The four guiding principles for the system include:  (1) improved access to valuable, scientifically credible spatial data, (2) easy integration of spatial data from many sources, (3) overall usability, and (4) integration of powerful collaboration features.

Funded by the California Energy Commission, the DRECP Gateway was created to support final development of the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan. The Gateway provides a means to assist in the public review process and will support adaptive management activities throughout the region (including implementing mitigation policies) now and in the future.  The DRECP Gateway was constructed to promote scientific quality while supporting high levels of transparency, flexibility, and information dissemination required for implementing a fully-functional adaptive management strategy.  The Gateway will be used to engage and inform all interested parties about ongoing planning and management issues in the California desert and, equally important, to provide the means for anyone interested to contribute to ongoing planning and management in meaningful ways.